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The Flower Family


Seth, Kali & Shay Flower

Get to know us...

Our operation originated in 2013 when we bought our first Simmental cow, Y76, from Rydeen Farms. As we began, we fell in love with quality of cattle that the Simmental breed has to offer. We have spent hours analyzing EPD’s, studying pedigrees, and evaluating cattle which has grown our appreciation for the breed even more. The power to produce cattle with superior mothering abilities, great dispositions, and high growth is something we admire greatly.

We are so thankful for the friends, family members, and mentors that have helped us along the way. Without them, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Our goal is to raise cattle that are able to contribute to the betterment of the beef industry as a whole.  We put a focus on using the science and selection tools offered by the American Simmental Association, but still require the cattle to have eye-appeal, proper structure, and function in a real world setting.


We would love to have you out to the farm to see the cows the bulls and heifers you purchase are out of.  We are so proud of the work they have done for us.  

Seth & Kali Flower


Shane & Madisen Flower

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